Popular Industries for Vanity Phone Numbers

When you think of vanity phone numbers, a few phone numbers might pop into your mind. A lot of people think of 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800-CONTACTS. These phone numbers helped both companies find massive success.

Nowadays, the value of a vanity number to help a business thrive has become an even more powerful communication and advertising tool. The more competitive the industry, the more valuable the phone number. That’s why popular industries use vanity numbers to their advantage.

Even if your business is in a different industry, there’s a lot to learn from other industries' success. Let’s start with some quick background information on vanity phone numbers then we’ll fast forward to their effect on industry success.

What are vanity, local, and toll-free phone numbers?

Vanity phone numbers are a series of numbers that spell out a name associated with your business or create a memorable combination of numbers. 

Companies use vanity numbers for customer recognition and better business. Vanity numbers offer companies simple marketing stability because they’re so easy to remember.

Learn more about the basics in the post that explains Why Your Business Needs a Vanity Number. This post details information about why and how vanity phone numbers work for so many businesses. 

Take a look at the main menu. It makes it easier to find your phone number and gives you tons of options for your search. You can also our blog posts to help you choose the best number for your business.

Law & Legal Industries

One of the most popular industries that use vanity numbers to its advantage is the law. This includes lawyers and any industry related to the law such as family law, criminal law, bail bonds, trial consultants, and more.

If you’re a lawyer or have a business in this industry, check out some toll-free numbers that include the word LAW

Some attorneys may specialize in personal injury but they might not find or want a vanity phone number with “injury” in it. Instead, they might choose a number with a call-to-action such as “DEFEND” included in it.

Vanity numbers that include a word make great advertisements.

Many large firms invest in toll-free numbers because they show off the firm’s success and establish respect. The types of numbers you choose make an important first impression on potential customers and affect consumer behavior in a variety of ways.

A toll-free number shows consumers you are willing to pay for their calls. A local number tells consumers that your business is part of their community and makes your business feel close to home. Most companies have both types of numbers when their businesses are in more than one location.

With over 1.3 billion lawyers competing for attention in the United States alone, lawyers know the value of vanity phone numbers. We see it all the time when we watch YouTube or listen to podcasts or music. Then there are billboards, bus benches, and buses. 

This makes a really good case for purchasing a vanity number for your business. See all the different ways you can create a vanity number. Just use this search tool to get started.

Banking & Investment Industries

Purchasing a vanity phone number is one of the first things successful businesses do in the banking and investment industries. Why? Because banking and investment industries know the investment pays off substantially. 

When you visit Bank of America’s website, the first thing you see and read is 800-432-1000. Just ask yourself now, why would a bank showcase a vanity number right in the spot where a potential or current customer will see it first? 

A vanity phone number is the equivalent of offering your hand to shake when meeting a person for the first time. Doing business during times of social distancing makes vanity numbers that much more valuable.

Mortgage, insurance, and credit companies consistently use vanity numbers in their advertising platforms. The vanity phone numbers welcome the consumer to call and stand as an unspoken promise to communicate.

If you’re looking for a business phone number that will help you stand out from the rest, take a look at some great numbers for banking and use our search tool to experiment with different words or number patterns. Remember that (212) 444-CASH is so much more memorable than random numbers.

Healthcare Industries

The complex and competitive healthcare industry values vanity numbers for good reason. Studies show that vanity phone numbers increase sales by as much as 85% when use in advertising. One such example is Blue Cross Blue Shield. 

Vanity numbers increase inbound calls.

In Florida, BCBS uses 1-800-FLA-BLUE. Nationally, the company uses 1-800-411-BLUE for toll-free national calls. BCBS utilizes hundreds of vanity numbers for every state it services because it knows the value of catering to the customer.

Just take a look at their website and you can get a better idea of how they use their vanity numbers in each state. If you scroll down to the bottom of their contact page for Florida Blue, you’ll find a map that takes you to specific states throughout the U.S.A.

For smaller businesses within the healthcare industry, a vanity phone number allows them to distinguish their business from competing companies. A person searching for home care for a relative or friend already has too much to worry about. 

The vanity number puts that person at ease by demonstrating a company’s commitment to what they do. It also makes it easy for that person to recommend a healthcare company’s services.

Doctors such as chiropractors must compete for attention in such a saturated market, so they often use vanity numbers that spell the name of their practice or refer to a problem they can solve. 

A toll-free number such as (833) PAIN-500 targets people who need doctors for a multitude of pain issues. That’s a great toll-free phone number for a large or growing practice that wants to offer convenience to its customers and create a central form of communication.

On the other hand, many doctors in small practices don’t use toll-free numbers. Often, they prefer local phone numbers because it shows that they’re nearby. But, you don’t always need to have a word in your number, so you can use repeaters or double repeaters

On top of that, now that medical marijuana has been legalized in so many states, many doctors are using vanity numbers to demonstrate that they are qualified to recommend and prescribe it with vanity phone numbers such as (310) WEED-999.

Automotive & Transportation Industries

The automotive industry also knows the benefits of vanity phone numbers. The automotive market still uses television and other forms of traditional media to advertise. Local and regional dealerships, as well as auto finance, windshield repair, and auto parts, benefit tremendously from vanity numbers.

A number such as (212) 4-TOYOTA gets more calls than a series of random numbers. It’s just a fact. According to a recent study by Infosurv Research, consumers had a 45% higher recall of businesses with a vanity number than ones with only a website.

The automotive industry finds success with vanity numbers.

One well-known organization, the American Automobile Association, uses 1-800-AAA-Help and has grown to over 60 million members.

There’s no doubt that people know about AAA and become members because of its reliable and trustworthy service. They also know that if their car breaks down and they need help there’s a number they’ve heard or seen before. 

But, perhaps you’re a small, local company. You may have a towing business that combines your services as a mechanic. You might want to try using a local phone number with a catchy phrase or memorable word or numbers that form a pattern

You can often pair a word with a memorable pattern. Any business related to cars could use local vanity phone numbers with their area code, pattern numbers, and the word “CAR”. Here’s a link to phone numbers with 222-CARS included under the transportation category.

Entertainment & Technology Industries

Another industry that’s large and full of memorable phone numbers is the entertainment industry. It’s an industry that represents a lot of different types of media and services that rely on communication.

Talent agencies use like to use numbers to make it easy for their current and potential clients to contact them. Well-known agencies such as William Morris Agency (WMA) uses 310-285-9000 for California talent and other memorable numbers for other locations in New York City and Nashville.

The industry giant Best Buy uses vanity numbers such as 1-888-Best-Buy to create convenience for customers as well as to advertise. It also knows their value because it uses them a lot and for different reasons. For instance, 1-800 GEEK SQUAD is as popular or even more so than the main number.

Like most famous companies, Apple Inc. found success using many different strategies. One of those strategies was of course the vanity phone number.

Apple added more toll-free and local vanity numbers as it grew. Apple’s sales and product inquiries support phone number to this day is 1-800-MY-APPLE (800-692-7753).

Your business may be smaller or just starting up similar to Apple getting its start. We’ve made it easy for you to search by industry.

You can also use our search tool to see how you can create a unique phone number for your business. If you need some help getting started, explore our blog to get your creative juices flowing or contact our support team.

No matter what industry your business falls under, look for a number that makes sense for your particular business. Make sure it demonstrates your desire to work with and service potential and returning customers.