Finding the best vanity number for your business doesn’t take a lot of time. It just requires some focused thought about where and how you want to use it. We encourage you to read our 10 tips that will help you find the right vanity number for your business.

Start thinking of your number as a marketing tool. That perspective will help you narrow down your approach to choosing which word or words and numbers to include. You should use our uniquely designed search tool to test your word choice.

Seeing your number as a marketing tool also forces you to think of your potential customers because they will be dialing your new number. Now you’re ready to read our 10 tips to help you find the best vanity number for your business.

1. How and where will you use your vanity number in advertising?

Most businesses use their vanity numbers on websites, social media ads, and flyers, which are all great ways to make use of advertising. However, radio ads and podcasts are some of the top ways to advertise using vanity numbers.

Radio ads generate 58% more calls with vanity numbers than with traditional numbers according to a study conducted by CBC Automotive Marketing. Think that sounds hard to believe? Remember the advertisements you’ve heard on podcasts or a live stream network.

If you’re not considering advertising on radio or podcasts, consider using a billboard or even mobile advertising on a bus or car display. When deciding, you can use our website to see how it would look on display. Our website allows you to visualize how it would look displayed across a billboard or truck. Take a look at the number (212) LAW-1500 on display.

2. What other ways will you use your vanity phone number?

The best companies make their vanity phone number a part of the brand so that whenever people think about that company, they also think of the number. For example, 800-JUNK-USA is the largest US-based junk removal company that incorporated its vanity number into its brand.

When a customer service representative states your company name, it’s so much easier to state your vanity number along with it. What better way to do advertise than to repeat your vanity number as much as possible.

Through repetition, the number becomes more and more memorable and so does your company. So, consider using your vanity phone number on packaging and swag or promotional materials such as pens, tote bags, thank you cards, and business cards.

3. How will customers use your vanity number?

After customers see your number and use it for the first time, they will recommend your business if they feel satisfied with your products and services. Read Why Your Business Needs A Vanity Number for more about customer service.

You want people to talk about your company as much as possible. Someone may simply tell another person the number, but we live in a world with so many different ways to communicate. People can now share and recommend your vanity number in multiple ways.

At least half will share your information on social media platforms and via text messages. In fact, 50% of the information shared about your company exists on these platforms, according to a 2020 CFI Group study on customer satisfaction.

Customers love sharing vanity phone numbers on social media.

4. Ask yourself six simple questions about your business.

When you first envisioned the future of your company, certain images and thoughts dominated what you would eventually build. Try answering the following questions to help you get closer to finding your vanity phone number.

Answer these six simple questions:

  • What products or services best define your business?

  • What does your competition look like?

  • What problem are you trying to solve?

  • Who is your target audience?

  • Why do customers use your products and services?

  • What do customers think about your products and services?

These questions increase your options for finding the right vanity number for your business. Answer them on paper or type them into a document, so you have the words right in front of you. This will help you focus and grab words quickly when searching for your new number.

5. Have fun and be creative with your ideas.

Seriously. We are not kidding. Have some fun and get creative. Yes, we know, this is a business and you want to make money, but customers will find your number so much more appealing if you find some fun, creative ways to present yourself.

When you use our search engine, type in words that might make people giggle or outright laugh. We all love to chuckle about 1-800 GEEK SQUAD that Best Buy turned into a huge success. Everybody remembers it, so everyone uses it.

You can also ask colleagues, coworkers, employees, family, and friends for help. They usually love helping with something like this and appreciate the fact that you want their help. Depending on the person, you may get some great ideas out of getting their feedback.

6. Give your ideas a test-run on people you meet during the day.

In the process of asking others for help, test your ideas by telling more people the numbers and words you’ve been thinking about using. You’ve probably already done this before when starting your company, so it should feel natural to test your ideas.

Bring it up in daily conversation when you’re running errands and with people you don’t know that well. Observe their reaction. Then ask what if they’d remember the number so they could recommend your business to others.

If you’re lucky enough to get honest feedback, take it. Honest feedback means you’re closer to finding the right vanity number for your business. In the process, they too will give you ideas that will help you figure out what you need to do next.

Test ideas on people you know and people you meet each day.

7. Narrow down your ideas to business benefits or use repeaters.

Narrowing down your ideas shouldn’t be too difficult at this point. Just keep a file with even the ideas that you think might not work, so you can return to it later if you need to. This helps when you use the search tool and start to put it all together.

If the words you had your heart set on don’t work then you can access your lists and quickly choose other words that work well with your business. You might find that some words work and others don’t during your search.

A great way to narrow down your decision is to think of words that reflect the benefits of your business or your company name. The toll-free number (833) 857-CASH would work well for a company dealing with banking. If the words aren't working, you can try a local, double-repeater phone number such as (323) 999-3333 that's simple and memorable.

8. Try local and toll-free phone numbers.

As you’re narrowing down your ideas to the exact words and numbers that work well together, you should also consider whether you want a local or toll-free number.

Toll-free phone numbers show your potential customers that you are a large company that’s willing to invest in a phone number that allows them to contact you for free. They begin with numbers such as 844 or 855.

On the other hand, local phone numbers give people the impression that your business dedicates more time and energy to the local community. A business in New York City might use the 212 area code. A business in Grand Prairie, Texas would use the 214 area code.

9. Choose a provider who will make the search easy.

After a quick Google search for vanity phone providers, you will find too many to decide which one is best for you. The bottom line, all providers have tons of services attached to their vanity numbers. It seems that’s the selling point.

However, the real selling point is the phone number you want, so you need a good search tool to find it. The search tool gives you so many options and makes searching for your number so easy that it’s fun.

Business owners love the VNC search tool because it’s so efficient and organized. Type a number, word, or pattern into the search box and/or use filters on the left side of the screen to select local or toll-free and search by state, pattern, or industry.

10. Ask the vanity number provider for help.

In the end, a good vanity number provider will jump at the chance to help you find that number you’ve been dreaming about. Quality providers have teams of professionals dedicated to making sure you find your perfect number.

So, make good use of this, especially if you start to get frustrated. With the detailed guidance and resources in this post alone, you should have everything you need to get the number you want. Use our search tool and contact our team, then let your vanity number start working for you.