Every business in any industry looks for a competitive edge but most follow the same formula for success. So, how do you make sure you stand out from the rest? It can be as simple as purchasing a vanity phone number.  

Convincing a customer to use your products or services becomes a lot easier when you have a vanity phone number that gives you instant brand recognition. 

But, there’s so much more to vanity numbers than meets the eye, especially when using them to give your business a competitive edge. Learn why your business needs a vanity number and get important tips for using it to improve communication and more.

What is a vanity number?

A vanity phone number is a custom-made set of digits that either spell out a word or are memorable in different ways. For example, a construction company in Michigan may use (231) 44-BUILD as a business number. The letters spell out the numbers on the telephone keypad.

Normally companies use vanity numbers to increase the presence of your brand whenever advertising your business. Studies show that vanity phone numbers increase how often people recognize your products.

It’s easier to remember numbers like (231) 44-BUILD than it is to remember a random combination of digits. To dramatically increase the brand recognition of your company or services, think about getting a vanity number

Do vanity numbers really work?

Some business owners may question the value of a vanity number considering that we Google everything. Today, it’s easy to dismiss the idea that numbers such as (212) 444-BLUE can increase sales by 50%, but it’s a reality.

On top of that, we have mobile phones with Google on them. Consumers can just Google what they want and click on the number, right? No, it’s not at all as simple as that.

Consumers are people, and people are complicated. Just because searching on Google seems the solution to every problem at first, people make decisions based on multiple factors, especially when it comes to making a purchase.

There has to be something unique or special about your business number. A company’s marketing message must cut through the noise by being unforgettable. When searching for a new service on Google or any other platform, the first thing people think about is which company to trust. It’s hard to trust anyone at first. 

So, deciding which new company to trust is more difficult for consumers because of their access to so much information. However, when consumers see a vanity number representing your company, they associate it with a business that’s respected. Check out popular industries that use vanity numbers.

Vanity numbers give you an advantage over the competition.

Vanity phone numbers signal trust and convenience.

In the digital world, websites are common so consumers are hesitant to trust an unknown company. Displaying a vanity number builds trust. It distinguishes you as a legitimate and established business.

We also live in a society in which consumers expect convenience. What shouts convenience more than a vanity number? Nothing - not even a Google search when it comes to creating a competitive edge for your business.

Convenience and trust create the perfect combination to help consumers decide to choose your company over another company. Try searching for a vanity number with this fun, unique search tool.

Give your business a human touch with a vanity phone number.

A vanity number also announces that your business and services are easily accessible because you have a number where your customers can talk to a real person about any issues they encounter. In an increasingly busy society, companies that take care of their customers always beat the competition.

Consumers are in search of human connection now more than ever. They realize that they’ve spent too much time on devices and not enough time talking to each other.

With a vanity number, your business no longer blends in with the others. Your business demonstrates your value because people can see your value and believe in you before they even pick up the phone.

Set your business up for the perfect opportunity to use customer service as a tool to connect and to create lasting relationships that build a strong foundation for business growth. See what you can find for your business using the search tool.

Use customer service to strengthen consumer relationships.

Building strong relationships with customers creates loyalty. That loyalty increases the likelihood that they will make more purchases in the future. What better way to build a strong relationship than with personalized contact?

It’s important for customer service representatives to understand how to use these relationships to build business. In the United States alone, companies lose nearly $700 billion in revenue due to poor customer service. 

Retaining customers is about keeping them happy, quickly responding to their issues, and building long-term relationships that demonstrate value. According to Finextra, companies that increased customer retention by only 5% also increased their profits between 25-95%.

You may also want to consider local or toll-free vanity numbers. A local number tells consumers that your business is part of their community and makes your business feel close to home.

A toll-free number shows consumers you are willing to pay for their calls. Most companies have both types of numbers when their businesses are in more than one location.

Vanity numbers complement social networks.

Learn how vanity numbers complement social networks.

No matter what form of social media or digital platforms consumers use, they want to be able to communicate with your company.

Social media gives your company another advantage to learn more about your consumers' wants and needs. Then, this allows you to decide how you want to manage moving forward.

While most consumers still prefer phone calls, email continues to rank as the second most popular form of contact with a company.

Use consumer emails with your vanity number for better business.

Knowing that consumers use email as the second most popular way to contact a business means you need to respond in a timely manner. Consumers expect to be treated well because they know there’s so much competition.

When consumers take the time to email your company about a product or service, most of the time you need to call them. Their issue could be about almost anything, but you want to call them because you want to show that your company cares.

You may be able to resolve the issue by simply replacing a product or answering a simple question that might already be answered on your website’s FAQs. However, a phone call shows that you value them and that you are willing to take the extra steps to fulfill their needs.

Even if your call goes straight to a consumer’s voicemail, leave a courtesy message to emphasize your availability and presence. Remember, your goal is to keep customers using your products and/or services.

However, more consumers are likely to answer a call from a vanity number than from a random set of numbers because they can quickly identify who is calling.

How does a vanity number help with Chatbots?

Chatbots are kind of like real-time FAQs. They answer general questions but don’t necessarily resolve them. They’re useful especially when it comes to helping a frustrated consumer find quick and simple answers to questions.

They don’t take care of the complexities that a living breathing consumer has to deal with. A live chat may be able to resolve an issue but again, consumers overwhelmingly prefer to talk to a customer service representative.

They want that communication to take place with a phone call. Again, they prefer to know that they have a real person to communicate their difficulties. According to a 2020 Global Engagement Report, 56% of consumers prefer voice calls.

Social media acts as an advertising platform as well as a contact point for consumer engagement. A vanity number complements these platforms.

People have a love/hate relationship with Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter along with any similar social media platform. Anyone who has used these platforms understands this.

We love to interact with them to see what friends or family are doing, but one wrong comment can cause turmoil. It’s sort of like walking a tightrope when using social media to deal with consumers. That’s why it’s important for businesses to be aware of this and use it accordingly.

For business, these platforms garner new customers and engage current ones. Your company should use them to do just that. Then, always use the vanity number to demonstrate accessibility and permanence in your industry.

Find the right vanity phone number for your business.

Now that you’re set to find your own vanity phone number, start thinking about the message you want to send to your customers. 

Some companies provide easy tools to help you find the perfect number for your business. The great part about vanity phone numbers is that there are so many words you can use to describe your business. It can be a fun way to take the time to think about what you want to communicate to the world.

If you have a legal business, think about what words would go well with the type of clients you serve. If you are a chiropractor, pick words that make potential clients want to call you.

You can use search tools to help narrow down your options. Try searching for a vanity number by clicking this link to our unique search tool.