April 12, 2018

Vanity numbers and how do they work?

A Vanity Number  is designed  to  have a  number name  that can  be  easily remember  by people.  We  typically  remember  a  WORD ( e.g.  1-800-FLOWERS  or  1-800-CASH   easily  than a  sequence of numbers!  A Vanity number is a toll-free  or a local number with special or easily remembered number sequences  and very useful  for used by  marketing. Even a small store or company can use a  vanity number  to improve sales and grow  business. Vanity numbers are easy to remember and easily find place in  people’s mind. An effective vanity number is the one that makes the business unforgettable.

A vanity numbers can either be a toll-free number or a local number.

Successful marketing is all about converting viewers or casual browsers into customers.  And to make these leads  into customers, they should first remember  to call you! To get  inquiries, we need a medium and that easy medium is vanity numbers. If you have a complex telephone number people often skip your company and move to the next. If you have a creative, easy to remember, funny number then, potential clients are  tempted to talk to you  about their queries and there are high chances that you can convert them into your customer.

Many businesses never think of having a fancy business number  .. but business owners should note  that phone numbers are the first point of contact between you and the potential clients.  The Stronger your Brand   communication, the higher is the chance of acquiring a potential customer.   We come across  several vanity numbers each day in advertisements, television, radio, emails, and messages. Research reveals that 75% of people were able to recollect the vanity number after hearing them JUST once. Customers have  trust in   vanity numbers and believe their queries will be resolved if they call this number.  This makes the customers to repeatedly call the numbers even if they get silly inquiries. Your business can take advantage of this and attract many customers and grow your business. This is a win-win situation for all the  involved.

The process of getting a vanity number for your business is very simple.. You need to select a provider and choose your vanity number and you are good to go.

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