Affiliates Program

Send leads to and share in the revenue when a sale closes.

Enjoy the greatest commissions and affiliate benefits in the Industry.

Affiliates receive 15% payout per sale (average sale amount is $600).

Access a variety of great banners and text links available for your use.

Receive credit for all of your referred orders with reliable phone order tracking.

A dedicated program manager is available 24/7 to support your efforts.

Stay on top of all your referrals with a 45-day tracking window.

Refer customers, earn revenue. is a leading provider of toll-free vanity phone numbers and local easy-dial, vanity number marketing packages. We assist companies across the United States in improving their response rates and increasing the effectiveness of their marketing and advertising through our shared use, memorable phone numbers.

Our database of vanity numbers is one of the biggest in the country, ready to give you all the tools you need to successfully resell our services.

“VanityNumber’s Affiliate Program has the best benefits and great commissions”

Henry R.