Every startup should have at least one cool, creative vanity phone number to ensure fast, sustainable growth. A startup is a brand-new company that is ripe and ready for success. The word “startup” gained popularity in the 1990 and early 2000 tech boom.

However, the truth is that many startups fail. In fact, 9 out of 10 startups fail according to Startup Genome. The biggest reason startups do not succeed? A report by Failory revealed that 56% of startup failures occurred because of poor marketing. 

How can startups improve their marketing? They can begin with vanity phone numbers that have been proven to increase sales and marketing. Take a look at these 12 fun, relatable vanity numbers for startups or any business wanting to gain leverage in any market.

Easy EdTech vanity phone numbers

The EdTech industry has been experiencing steady growth over the last 10 years. Then, during the quarantine, EdTech became a necessity. The increased funding for EdTech startups indicates even more growth in the coming years.

Startups specializing in increasing students' vocabulary could create vanity phone numbers such as  (310) 87-VOCAB. Just change the area code depending on your location or purchase a toll-free number with the word VOCAB in it. 

Use vanity numbers with simple words.

If a business specializes in mathematics, a great toll-free number might be (833) MATH-800. Another one might look like (877) ART-0101 for a startup in the art world. 

The possibilities depend on the different ways you look at a subject when it comes to creating a vanity number that feels right for your business.

The other factor in creating a cool vanity number is to try to simplify the larger topic and think of a practical part of the business. Use this link to get started.

Healthcare startup numbers get emotional

Similar to EdTech, healthcare startups use technology to improve how healthcare works. Pair that with a unique product or service within the industry and your startup’s growth seems certain. Read Why Your Business Needs a Vanity Number for more details.

Mental healthcare skyrocketed in the last couple of years and definitely during the pandemic. You can read more about increasing mental health startups in 5 Startups that are Changing the Mental Health Industry

These startups find that emotional connections make a huge difference in a vanity number. For many startups, a vanity number is the starting point to making a connection. This can be a delicate dance when it comes to getting that first call from a potential client.

But, this is true of just about any business. Connecting with emotional words makes for an even better vanity number. A number such as (877) 505-HEAL has a warmth and understanding that other words don’t.

You can use words such as HELP, but words like HEAL really connect with a person seeking mental health. Another good number that creates that emotional connection is (855) 400-CALM. A person seeking mental health support is more likely to call that number if they’ve been feeling anxious or out of sorts.

Virtual reality startups are on the rise.

Get pattern numbers for VR startups

Also in the healthcare world, Vicarious Virtual caught the attention of Bill Gates. Created by two MIT graduates, the startup used virtual reality (VR) to enhance minimally invasive surgery and to bring the best surgeons to people all over the world. 

For a startup like Vicarious Virtual, a good vanity number shows professionalism and encourages investors and clients to communicate with them. The same holds true for other VR startups.

Real estate and construction companies are starting to implement the use of virtual reality to enhance their services. A vanity phone number provides them with powerful market tools and keeps them connected to potential clients and investors. 

Luckily, our uniquely designed search engine makes it so much easier to find that perfect number. Using the search, we created phone numbers such as (866) VREAL-25. It’s a perfect number to catch the eye of investors and clients.

If you can’t seem to find the right words, you can also use a series of memorable numbers and patterns such as (212) 353-3333. The idea is to make it memorable.

Cool cybersecurity phone numbers

With so many people using the internet to make purchases, cyber security startups make more sense than ever. But, cybersecurity focuses on protecting both the digital and offline world from viruses and hackers.

This makes it even more essential for cybersecurity startups to be able to communicate with individuals and other companies directly. A vanity phone number that includes the word SECURITY in it might work well. But, numbers such as (224) 44-CYBER make better sense.

Getting that phone number just right can get tricky sometimes. A number like (844) HACKED-5 grabs most people’s attention. If the toll-free number doesn’t work for you, your startup could use a local number with a similar effect. 

Get vanity numbers to grow fitness tech business.

Create connections with fitness numbers

Although the fitness industry has been around for a long time, startups that focus on unique ways to get fit are experiencing more growth than ever before. There are plenty of opportunities to innovate and improve existing systems. 

Fitness startups are integrating innovative fitness programs with technological advances. Companies like the Mirror Home Gym and Peloton are changing where and how people exercise so finding the right way to connect to consumers matters a lot.

These types of businesses should keep words light and fun to help motivate people. Phone numbers such as (212) FIT-1000 work really well with fitness enthusiasts. Depending on the specialty, startups can be general or more specific with the words they include in a number. 

A number such as (877) SWEAT-25 grabs consumers' attention just as much as a number with the word FIT. The phone number (888) 5-SHAPE-9 creates a similar effect, but it may be harder to find with a local area code. 

Remember that if you can’t find a number with one word, try another. Experiment with different patterns like repeaters or double repeaters. Search by categories such as by industry, by state, or by type. You may want a local number if toll-free ones don’t work for you. 

The bottom line, startups build a solid foundation for their business when purchasing vanity phone numbers. To get more tips on finding the right vanity number, take a look at Top 10 Tips to Find the Best Vanity Number for Your Business